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At SeaSide Sopot, we immerse ourselves in a profound narrative of passion and experience, where each moment becomes a unique chapter in our commitment to quality. It's not just a goal we aspire to; it's a principle we practice every day, creating an atmosphere where history, passion, and quality intertwine along the shores of the sea.

Apparently, it's the people who create a place. We're not sure if that's true. What we do know is that SeaSide Sopot was created by passionate individuals. Interestingly, none of our team members had any formal training in the art of hospitality. When we started, we had no experience. Our reception was a notebook and a pen. We had no systems, no operating procedures. Everything you see now came about through trial and error. Until success, and sometimes, failure.

But from the beginning...

The building we inhabit is one wing of the historic Balneological Hospital, part of the Sopot legacy of the Haffner family. Pretty cool, right? For the uninitiated, Jerzy Haffner was a very wealthy and influential figure in Sopot in the 19th century. His family shaped this city. They financed the construction of all three Bath Houses (one of them being the current Balneological Hospital), Sopot's pier, and the southern and northern parks.

The present shape of our wing is the result of reconstruction in 1945. For many years, it housed a public dialysis station, and later, for a very brief and equally dubious period, a motel? Guesthouse? So dubious in quality that it's challenging to give it a name. Then, in April 2019...

...the SeaSide Sopot team arrived. It's a fair statement; we didn't move in with a ton of our belongings. In reality, each of us brought only a small suitcase filled to the brim with ideas and a willingness to work. We were getting to know each other as well as delving into the intricacies of the hotel industry. Honestly, at times, it felt like black magic. We wanted to be professionals. We didn't always succeed, but, well, everyone does certain things in life for the first time. We weren't pompous show-offs trying to convince our first guests that we were infallible. We welcomed any criticism with open arms and did our best to ensure our guests had the most successful stay by the sea. And we still do. Well, perhaps with a bit of reservation to not let it get to our heads :) Nevertheless, we treat everyone like a friend, like a family member. And that's how we feel in our team. Like a family. We feel it; some guests even notice it. Heck, some even suggest we might be related.

Now, after some time, we can proudly call ourselves seasoned hoteliers. Behind us are several thousand served guests, hundreds of positive reviews on dozens of portals and websites. Sleepless nights, smiles, and moments of sadness. Analysis and a constant search for new ideas.

What do you think, dear Guest, was it worth it?

Logo SeaSide Sopot
Logo SeaSide Sopot