We will be closed at Easter

Dear Guests and those who were to become these Guests. It was supposed to be a Happy Easter. We wanted to proudly show off our new interiors, get to know your opinions about the decor, check whether the functionality increased as we assumed. Meanwhile, the government introduced the lockdown, which in our Pomeranian Voivodeship extends it until April 9. This means that we will not be able to host anyone during the Easter. We will not be able to provide our comfortable beds and a coffee machine with fresh coffee so that in the morning you can go out to the still empty beaches with coffee in hand and contemplate the endless view of the sea.

We understand a difficult pandemic situation and share our grief with those affected by covid-19. We also experienced it ourselves because of a serious illness in the team or our friends who passed away. We know that for some of you, the image around you may not be colorful.

Please remember that the sun comes out after every storm, every fog comes down sometime, every smog will be blown away. Please remember that you still need to celebrate life and use nature safely. And where better to do it than safely with us at SeaSide, right on the beach and in the city that is a health resort.

Stays for Seniors soon, spring 2021

Despite the fact that the facility will be closed until April 9, our reception is still available remotely. We accept reservations, answer questions, suggest interesting solutions and continue to act so that those willing can rest and regenerate with us.

At the beginning, we think about our Seniors. The last year has added a lot of obstacles, blockages, limitations, stress and uncertainty to their rich life experience. We know that it is certainly reflected in the organism in the form of at least less mobility. And yet there is someone to live for. Grandchildren give energy to life, so you have to show how grandmothers and grandparents are able to meet the requirements of the little ones.

Therefore, in April, we offer two-week rehabilitation stays for Seniors. The first one starts on Sunday, April 11, and the second one week later, on April 18. In addition, to facilitate the arrival, we will pick up each Senior who comes to us by train from the SOPOT station and bring their luggage to the hotel. 

More about the offer for Seniors, including information about 20 treatments you will receive in the price of the stay, can be found on this page (page only in Polish, for more information please call) -> https://seasidesopot.com/senior/

We wish you a revival to the fullness of life

We already want to come out of the lock onto green grass or cool beach sand and breathe fully. While the temperatures are still closer to zero than fifteen degrees, we strongly recommend that you take care of yourself and not catch a cold. Because when the air temperature gets closer to the temperature of our hot and longing hearts, you will have no choice. You will have to be pampered with our hospitality in our new interior.

In the meantime, please accept heartfelt wishes of joy and health from our team for Easter. Let everything he can resurrect soon, let life, health, small and large businesses be reborn. Let everyone have reasons to be happy. Let the long-awaited sun, blue skies and the scent of spring air bring life to every corner.

We are waiting for you. And when you come, it will be colorful right away. We will greet you with flowers and sun.

This is us, the SeaSide crew
See you soon

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