In such a unique location as ours, it is not only the surroundings of the spa, the sea, the beautiful beach and the unique pier that create the atmosphere of your leisure. We are happy to present the first real photos of rooms and interiors after the general renovation that has been going on since the beginning of January. Accommodation by the beach is now even more beautiful.

When we started the renovation, we had several goals. Despite the fact that the vast majority of our guests were satisfied with the interior design and, above all, with the cleanliness of the rooms, our goal was to remove the inconvenience that some pointed out. We are proud to announce that we have soundproofed our facility to a large extent. Melancholics should be given a change in volume measured with a sonometer, but for those willing, we leave the measurements on their own. We ensure that the walls between the rooms are filled with sound-absorbing cotton wool, and we have also installed appropriate boards. In addition, the replacement of carpets in the corridors and hanging elegant curtains made us feel cozy at home. See for yourself.

So let’s go into the room. There are many changes in each of them.

The exchanged carpet and wall finishing are probably the first things to notice. In addition, we rearranged the lighting, which makes the room cozier. In the central point of the rooms, we hung elegant chandeliers, we added LED lighting above the window and curtains, if it was only necessary to illuminate the room intimately. Equally important, each bed has a bedside lamp mounted on the wall, a power socket and an additional light switch. Full comfort and functionality. We left the beds the same because each of our guests praised them very much.

double room near the beach

As you can see, the long-awaited elements have also appeared to facilitate the storage of small items such as clothes and knick-knacks. Most importantly, there is also a place where you can work on the computer or put away your coffee or the ordered meal. How do you think, is it more comfortable?

Perceptive people will also notice that a storage space has appeared above the entrance door, which will facilitate the storage of suitcases. We ourselves are surprised that in the rooms, which are considered quite small, there is so much additional functional space, thanks to which there will be more space for relaxation. And it’s a rest right next to the beach.

You might ask what a single room looks like? Well, here it is.

single room at the beach

The last room, which is extremely important for each guest, is the bathroom. We know it well. And here we hurry to report – the bathrooms in 11 rooms have been COMPLETELY built from scratch. They received a new decor and new equipment. Everything is clean, brand new, it smells fresh.

As a curiosity, we will also mention that as part of increasing your safety, we limit the need to touch common elements such as keys. Each room (and the main door) has a lock that can be opened with your own phone by bringing it close to the lock (preferably before arrival, please download the TTLock application – for Android or IOS). You can also use a digital code or a proximity card, and finally a physical key. The use of this solution without a key will make your stay easier, especially if you come with children or several people to a family room or apartment – you do not have to share the key/s and take care of it on the beach.

keyless door locks

Imagine that it will be possible to run out without a key or even without a phone to the beach to watch the sunrise. Just remember (well, you can write it on your palm) the door code. Don’t we make life and relaxation easier?

wschód słońca przed SeaSide Sopot

Ladies and gentlemen. How do we like our efforts to make your stay in Sopot, right next to the beach, more comfortable and safer?

So why not check your convenient arrival date now and book your beachfront accommodation before the others do?

The fact that the lockdown is taking place at the moment does not mean that the sea does not rustle and the spring wind does not chase away the clouds in the Sopot sky. Our booking system is also awake, so we encourage you to check if there are still available rooms on the chosen date.

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